Granola, Waffles, and Watermelon Slushies

Hi folks.  This week is an off week; I’m up to my ears in leftovers and am taking a break from trying new recipes (at least for dinner).  So no shopping list this week, but I’m going to share some of my favorite tried & true breakfast recipes with you, and also a brand new watermelon slushie that’s perfect for hot summer evenings.

I’ll link the two breakfast recipes here, so if you want to try them you can try to have this stuff on hand:


Brussels Waffles from The Hungry Belgian

Super Simple Granola from Live Fit Girls

Both of these are amazing breakfasts that I’ve been making for a while and keep coming back to.  The granola is a staple for weekdays; you can make a big batch on the weekend, it keeps well for a long time, and it’s fantastic with yogurt and berries.  It’s not super-sweet, and you can switch it up with a lot of different add-ins; I’ll share more about my modifications later in the week.  And the Brussels waffles are restaurant-quality amazing.  My fiance and I started our search for the perfect Brussels waffle recipe after a chance trip to Nero’s in Vancouver, BC, where we had waffles that completely blew our minds.  We think these ones are pretty close; they take a little time and are more of a weekend brunch endeavor, but definitely worth the effort.

And for the watermelon slushie, you’ll need:

  • Fresh watermelon
  • Lemons (2-3)
  • Honey
  • Mint (optional)

As well as a blender or food processor that can chop ice.  Super simple; I’ve been drinking a lot of it while sitting outside now that our weather has finally warmed up.

Hope this sounds exciting; back with a regular menu next week.

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