Homemade Fizzy Ginger Beer


So, my husband is obsessed with ginger beer, or used to be. But since he almost completely cut out sugar about a year ago, he hasn’t been able to find one that isn’t too sweet for him. I’ve been planning to experiment with homemade ginger beer for a while; I’ve never done any home fermenting (and in fact I tend not to like fermented foods in general), but this seemed like a nice low-key thing to try.

It is in fact a super fun project; you add a little yeast to your ginger syrup and water, and it eats the sugar and generates carbonation. A whole lot of carbonation, it turns out; we left the bottle on the countertop for about two days, and ended up with very fizzy soda. As the yeast consumes sugar it produces gas, which builds up pressure inside the bottle. For this reason, it’s important to use a plastic bottle, which is flexible and won’t shatter if it explodes. Though ideally you’ll prevent your bottle from exploding by letting the air out a few times a day. You can just let the bottle sit on the counter until you get the desired level of carbonation, probably not more than three days, and then move it to the fridge to slow the fermentation.


I made this recipe as written, except I only added 5 ounces of sugar instead of 6. It’s not possible to make this fermented drink without sugar, since the yeast needs the sugar in order to generate the fizz. It still turned out fairly sweet, but definitely less so than commercial brands; my husband was able to enjoy it, so, it was a win for us. It definitely has some bite! If you like ginger ale that has a very sharp gingery kick, it’s worth it to give this a try.

Deliciousness score: 8
Easiness score: 9

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