Grilled Cheese with Peaches and Gruyere

Grilled Cheese with Peaches and Gruyere


So, when this one came off the grill, I was prepared for a total write-off. I’m skeptical of fruit in savory dishes to start with – I only picked this one for this week because I had 2/3 of a block of leftover gruyere that I wanted to be sure to use, and it seemed like the easiest gruyere recipe on Macheesmo. Then, in spite of my efforts to keep the pan on medium heat, I managed to brown (i.e. blacken) the bread before all the cheese had time to melt. By the time I pulled the sad little heap off the stove, I wasn’t expecting to be too impressed.

But, much to my surprise, it was delicious! I’m officially a savory-fruit-sandwich convert, at least in this case. The flavors really complement each other: savory richness from the gruyere, sweet-but-not-too-sweet fruit, and a little peppery bite from the arugula. It was hearty but also light; a summery comfort food. These were also made on the homemade King Arthur buns mentioned yesterday

Two tips for keeping this sandwich together while grilling:

  • Use tongs to flip it. I found that tongs worked much better than a spatula, both to flip, and to snug up the contents while cooking if they started to slide out.
  • Cover it. My fiancé discovered this one: covering the pan with a tight-fitting lid trapped more heat and helped the cheese to melt faster, before the bread could get burned. You do have to lift the lid and check on it periodically, of course.

Our sandwiches were also pretty thick, on small buns. Next time I try this, I’ll use regular-sized bread, and try to slice the cheese and peaches thinner. The tongs might not be necessary with those changes.

Deliciousness score: 8

Easiness score: 7

1.3 rating.png