California Turkey Burgers

California Turkey Burgers

So, as discussed in yesterday’s post, I was a vegetarian for many years, and only recently started reincorporating a bit of meat back into my diet.  I mention this to give some context, because I know people have strong feelings about turkey burgers, some not-so-positive. I’ve heard the primary complaint is that turkey is too bland compared to red meat. I have to admit that I sort of see where that’s coming from; I definitely tasted all the add-ins in this recipe (the chilis, parsley, onions, garlic, salt, and pepper), and the meat, while savory, didn’t have a super strong flavor of its own. That’s fine with me, though; if I’m eating meat, I do prefer it to be pretty lean and basically bursting with vegetables, which I realize isn’t everybody’s thing. It was substantial, but didn’t leave me feeling weighed down afterward, which I liked. I also felt the toppings were really key: white cheddar, fresh avocado, arugula, and dijonnaise did a lot to pack some extra flavor into this sandwich.

Definitely do follow his advice about chopping up all the add-ins very thoroughly.  I threw in a little more parsley than called for, just to use it up, and I ended up having a little trouble getting the burgers to stick together.  Luckily, they firmed up as they cooked, and it was no big deal in the end.  Because it was a chilly day here, I made these inside on a Foreman grill, but they’d be even better on an actual grill.  (To be clear, this was a very un-Canadian thing to do; my fiance informs me that Canadians will grill in a foot of snow without batting an eye.  But we have an electric grill, which I have mixed feelings about to say the least.  It gets the job done, more or less, but it fails to deliver the charcoaliness that makes summer grilling worthwhile.  And it also gives up the ghost immediately in cold weather; it just loses too much heat every time you open it.  So, Foreman grill it was.)

Though really, there’s nothing to complain about here, because these turned out completely delicious.  Nicely charred after about 5 minutes on each side.  I also made burger buns from this King Arthur recipe:

As you can see, mine came out a little different because I forgot the egg wash at the last minute.  They were also a little dense, but it didn’t matter much; they were tasty and substantial, perfect for this burger (and also great for the peach gruyere grilled cheese sandwich coming up later in the week).  If you have some time at home at the beginning of the week, I definitely recommend giving homemade buns a try.

Deliciousness score: 7

Easiness score: 7

1.2 rating